May 9, 2016


Did you hear?! We have a new service! Learn more here.


Have you ever shipped anything extremely large or heavy? LTL or Less-Than-Truckload Shipping is the shipping type needed for those large and/or heavy shipments. LTL is another shipping type, just like Priority Mail. Shipping LTL is required when you have something that is too big to ship through the regular courier, but is too small to ship as full on freight which needs to completely fill a truck. This also leads to LTL being considered as ‘light freight shipping’.


So who ships LTL? Anyone. LTL is a popular shipping option for people who are moving out of state and would like small furniture shipped. This would be items such as coffee tables, end tables, chairs, etc. It’s also a popular shipping option for anyone needing to ship a pallet of items. So if you’re a retailer and need to get your product shipped, LTL is a great option for you.


If you’re ready to ship, bring it to us. We will measure, weigh, and pack your shipment. Being a packaging store, we truly know how to pack so that your items will be covered and safe from any damage. We will find the best price for you, help you insure it, and get it shipped.


Shipping LTL is easy at The Packaging Store. We are one of the few shipping retailers in the Greater Salt Lake Area that ships LTL. Offering a service like this gives us the opportunity to help more of our shipping partners. You can view more info on our LTL Shipping Service Page. Call 801-277-4411 for more info or stop by the store and we can give you a quote for the best way to ship.



April 10, 2016


It’s spring and easter is less than a week away. One of the most common things shipped for Easter is food. From cookies to baskets of candy, we have shipped food of all varieties. If you are planning on shipping food this Easter, check out our list of the things to do and most importantly, not to do.


DO: Seal ALL Food Properly


You really can ship any type of food, there’s no doubt about that. But, you will want to take the precaution of sealing your food before shipping it. Not only will it keep it fresh, it will stay in its box where it can’t break into pieces or come out entirely. Trust us, the mail carrier will not like a leaky box. TIP: Put food in a tupperware that seals before it goes in the shipping box.


DON’T: Use ground shipping for perishable items


Anything perishable (think chocolate covered strawberries) should always be sent overnight or through 2-day shipping. The extra price of shipping is loads better than the gift of spoiled food. TIP: Use a shipping cooler (we have them!) to keep your items EXTRA cold.


DO: Use the right box size


If you ship a plate of cookies in a large box, those cookies are going to bounce around inside. Even with packaging like peanuts or bubble wrap, you are risking damage by not using the right type of box. Keep your food safe by shipping with the right size. Usually it will save you some money too! TIP: Bring your food item in and our packaging pros will pick the perfect size box for you.


DON’T forget the seasonal favorites


We have been shipping gifts for our customers for over 20 years. Need an idea on what gift to ship this Easter? Some of the seasonal favorites are donuts, cakes, cookies, and chocolates. We also ship a lot of packages to missionaries full of Easter goodies. TIP: Send a card or note with every package. You can pick up a Hallmark Card before you ship at The Packaging Store.


Food shipping is something we have grown accustomed to through the many holidays. It’s a way to send your loved one a touch of home. If you are sending an Easter gift to a missionary, we offer same day MTC shipping for LDS missionaries and are pros at international shipping. Bring it into the store and we will help you find the best way to ship it.



March 16, 2016


It’s moving season! Springtime is the high time for cleaning out your house. Whether you’re cleaning for a move or for a clutter free, KonMari style home, there’s no doubt that organization is key. Kick off your decluttering spree or spring move by following these 5 tips to packing success and efficiency.


1. When in doubt, make a list.


Staying on task is key to getting your things packed up and, let’s be honest, keeping your sanity. By creating a detailed checklist, no time will be wasted because you will always know what’s next. Pro tip: Break your day into 15-30 minute time frames and assign tasks to complete in each frame. It will keep you from spending too much time on one project and ensure you’ve scheduled enough time for your to-dos.


2. Stock up on supplies.


We may be a bit biased, but we are The Packaging Store. By stocking up on tape, boxes, packing paper, and bubble wrap, you can ensure your items will be safe through your storage period or during a rough move. Pro Tip: Buy in bulk. You always need more than you think, plus you save money by buying supplies in bulk.


3. Store clean items only


Before packing anything up, always clean each item going into a box. That way, you know that everything is clean when you’re unpacking. When doing long term or seasonal storage, use moth balls or lavender sachets before you box up clothes. This keeps clothing moths from damaging fabrics and helps take away the stale smell of storage. Pro Tip: Use vacuum sealed zipper bags for clothes to keep them extra fresh and protected.


4. Different box sizes=Safer valuables


What happens when you put a small item in a large box? It moves and moves and moves. By only purchasing one box size, you’re going to run into a big issue: non-efficient space usage. Too much space and you’re things will jumble around, risking damage. Or, you might overpack the box and it breaks through the bottom or is difficult to lift. Buy different sizes to allocate your goods evenly by weight and size. Pro Tip: Divide heavy items like books into many small boxes and lightweight items in larger boxes. Use packing peanuts or paper to eliminate any movement.


5. Label Ev-er-y-thing


Sorting and organizing your items into tidy boxes is great, until you don’t know what’s in which box. Label your boxes by writing on index cards with a sharpie and placing them in a clear label holder that sticks directly to the box. You can change the cards out when you reuse the box (think summer/winter clothing storage). Pro Tip: Use a printer to print out labels for a clean and organized look with your boxes.


The Packaging Store in Salt Lake City, Utah has all the supplies you need to get your storage into shape. Boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and more. Make it easy by picking up our Spring Cleaning Kit for only $20. The kit comes with 3 large boxes, 3 medium boxes, 3 small boxes, a roll of tape, and bubble wrap.Call for more pricing on other box sizes or bulk packaging supplies at 801-277-4411.



January 22, 2016

Mailbox Rental

Mailbox Rental


Letters and packages are sent every day from every city in the world. Although technology has cut down on the need to send letters, we haven't yet found a way to digitally send packages. Plus, some things must be sent through snail-mail like Passports. Mail is unavoidable, but what if you don't have a set address? You rent a mailbox.

Who rents mailboxes?

Mailboxes are rented by people from all walks of life. Many of our inquiries for renting a mailbox come from RVers or travelers who do not have a set address. We also receive inquiries from those who have a small business that they run from their home like bloggers, eBay sellers, and real estate agents. Your mail is kept in a locked box inside a secure retail shipping outlet.

Why rent a mailbox from the packaging store instead of the post office?

You can rent mailboxes in various locations, but here’s why the Packaging Store is best:

  1. You get a real street address and not just a PO Box.
  2. A PO Box doesn't accept packages, but the Packaging Store does.
  3. We do mail forwarding at your request.
  4. We can send you mail notifications through phone or email.
  5. Need to ship something? Ship while you pick up your mail.
  6. We are a local store with a small, but very friendly staff.

How do I rent a mailbox?

Setting up your mailbox rental is easy at the Packaging Store. Stop by and fill out our mailbox application. We require the application filled out and signed by you, a photo ID, and the rent payment. It’s easy to get started.

Not in Utah but need a mailbox? Give us a call at 801-277-4411 and we can set you up today.

The Packaging Store is the perfect place for you to rent a mailbox.



September 1, 2016

Service of the Week

Document Shredding


We offer Document Shredding here at The Packaging Store to make it easier for you to dispose of sensitive documents. You may be cleaning out your office and have boxes full. Or, if you're like us, you keep them in a small pile and bring them to the Packaging Store whenever you come in to ship something. It's really important to take care of these documents and not throw them away.

One of the easiest ways that people steal information is from paper that is carelessly thrown away. Identity theft is a really big problem here in the United States and it's one of them most difficult things to get away from. If someone steals your car, you can call the police and mark it stolen. Then you can just go to the dealership and get a new car. You can't do that with your identity. Protect yourself so you don't have to go through the headache of getting your identity back.

Some documents to always shred:

  • Any documents with personal information- your name, address, phone number, social security number, or bank account
  • Expired Credit Cards, Passports, Drivers Licenses
  • Bank Statements
  • Expired Tax Documents

We use a secure shredding company to help us dispose of your papers. DocShredding is the name of the company. We have been working with them for over a year and there have been no complaints yet. They shred the documents onsite and then recycle the shredded paper. If you're unsure about it, give us a call. Or, even better, stop by at our Free Shredding Day.


Come into the store on Saturday, September 10th and bring your shredding.

Tell your friends and family about it. It will be going on all day. The first box is free.