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Private Mailbox Rental Service In Murray, UT

Rent a Virtual Mailbox Now

Renting a private mailbox is the most efficient way to receive your mail and packages. Small businesses have been using them for decades, but many of our customers are just looking for the best virtual mailbox service for their own personal use. Whether you're looking for a solution for your small business mail needs or just need a mailbox that can keep your mail and packages safe, we are here to help.


Renting a mailbox is easy, but using it is even easier. Once you are assigned a maibox, you will receive a key and box number. Your mail can be picked up in store or you can set up mail forwarding just like a virtual mailbox. To keep your mail secure, mailboxes are located inside of our store and are accessible during open business hours.


Better Than a PO Box from The Post Office

One of our most asked questions about renting a mailbox at The Packaging Store is: How are they different from a PO Box?

Our private mailboxes are just like renting a PO box at the Post Office, but we offer more services that make mailbox rentals more convenient and stress free. Here are a few reasons why you'll want to rent a mailbox with us instead of renting a PO Box:

  1. ​We receive packages -- PO Boxes cannot receive packages and that can be detrimental for a small business mailbox. Acquiring a mailbox for packages is perfect for any small business, traveler, or someone needing a personal mailbox to receive Amazon orders.
  2. Virtual mailbox service -- Do you live out of state and need a mailbox with a physical address? That's exactly what you get when you opena virtual mailbox with us.
  3. Mail forwarding service -- If you're traveling and need a package or letter that's in your private mailbox, we can forward it to you! Call or email us the address and we will send it over.
  4. Mail notifications -- Expecting something important? Let us know and we will call or email you as soon as it arrives.


Ready to rent a mailbox? It's a simple 2-step process. Give us a call or stop by the store and we'll get the application started for you. All we need is a copy of your ID and a small deposit fee. You don't need to set foot in the store to set one up. 

P.O. Box Pricing:

Small Box 

$35.00 for 3 Months

$65.00 for 6 Months

$120.00 for 12 Months

*Call for pricing on Medium and Large P.O. Boxes


Have A Question About Our Mailbox Services?

To find out more about private mailbox rentals or to reserve your mailbox number, call 801-277-4411 or click the button below to send us a message.

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